Our Faculty

The institute takes pride in its exceptional faculty who are authorities in academics, consultancy and industry research. We have a healthy mix of well-respected academicians and professionals. At institute boasts of one of the highest faculty to student ratios in the country.

The faculty has also published various articles, papers in leading Indian and international journals. Being a pioneering course in the country the faculty also are involved in various disaster management committees at the state as well as national level. They are experiences with a proven track record and hand picked from IIMs, IITs, IT- BHU, HBTI, XLRI, NIITs, Delhi University and other premier colleges of India. A large number of them are doctorate degree holders while majority of them are pursuing Ph.D from IT –BHU and other leading universities .Apart from teaching, members of the faculty enthusiastically engage themselves in learning and understanding the methodology that serves the students’ interest best.

They regularly review curriculum, constantly monitor evaluation system, carry out research and attend workshops, training programs and seminars on contemporary issues.[separator style=”fatty”]



DR M.S. Khan, Director


Teaching Experience: 18+ Years (including R&D experience) 

 Area of Specialization: Signal Processing.

Professional Body Memberships: 

  • Life time member for Indian Society for technical Education(ISTE)
  • Associate member of the Institute of Engineers(AMIE)
  • Professional Member for IEEE.
  • Association Computing Machinery(ACM)


Journal Papers:

  • Published in International Journal for Modern Trends in Science and Technology,manuscript entitled “Real Time monitoring Application for Physically Challenged Persons using sEMG” , Volume 3,Issue 6 ,2017.(UGC Approved International Journal), ISSN:2455-3778.
  • Published in Springer Artificial Intelligence and Communication network, indexed in scopus titled “sEMG Based Human Machine Interaction for Robotic Wheel Chair“, Nov 2016.
  • Published in Elsevier Procedia Computer Science Journal(Elsevier Procs),indexed in Scopus titled “sEMG Based Human Machine Interaction for Robotic Wheel Chair using ANN“, Feb 2016 .DOI information :10.10.10/j.procs.2016.05.286.
  • Published in Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences titled “sEMG Based Automated Wheel Chair“,Dec 2015 with ISSN:1991-8178.(Anna University -Annexure  -||Journal [Scopus Indexed]-Serial number :2095 and ISSN:19918178.
  • Published in Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences titled “sEMG Based HMI using ANN“,Dec 2015 with ISSN :1991-8178.(Anna University – Annexure -||Journal [Scopus Indexed ])-Serial Number :2095 and ISSN:19918178.
  • Published in International Journal of Advancements in Computing Technology (IJACT), indexed in Elsevier, Scopus titled “sEMG Based Human Machine Interface for real time applications͟“, Aug 2014.
  • Published in Transactions on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, SSE, United Kingdom titled “Hybrid sEMG based Real Time Prosthetic Hand͟”, July 2014.
  • Published in ACM Digital Library on “sEMG Based Human Machine Interface for Real time applications͟” March, 2015 with ISBN Number 978-1-4503-3441-9.
  • Published in IEEExplorer on “Real Time Monitoring using sEMG” Mar, 2013 with ISBN Number 978-1-4673-6159-0.
  • Published in IEEExplorer on “sEMG Based Human Computer Interface for physically challenged patients͟” with ISBN Number 978-1-4673-8809-2, March 2016.
  • Published in IEEExplorer on “Wheel Chair operated machine for human machine interface using sEMG‟ Mar, 2013 with ISBN 978-1-4673- 6158-3.
  • Published in IEEExplorer on “sEMG based human computer interface for robotic wheel‟ Dec, 2012 ISBN Number 978-1-4673-4367-1 .
  • Published in National of Instrumentation .society of India 39 (4) Nov-Dec 2009 on “͞Detection and filtering of EMG for assessing voluntary muscle activity͟” by A.U & IISC, Bangalore, NSI – 33.
  • Published in International of International Journal of Technology and Information Systems on “EEG measurement using CT, MRI & FUNCTIONAL MRI͟” by Organized by D A V College, Amritsar.
  • Published in International Journal on Electronics & Communication Technology on “EEG Correlates Identification Of Whistling Using Bioinformatics͟”  with ISSN Number 2230-9543.
  • Published in International Journal on Electronics & Communication Technology on “͞Human Motor Car Interface For Husbandry Using EMG͟” with ISSN Number 2230-9543.
  • Published in International Journal on Electronics & Communication Technology on “Hybrid EEG And EMG Error-Related Potentials For Human Machine Interface” ͞with ISSN Number 2230-7109.
  • Published in International Journal on Electronics & Communication Technology on “Hybrid EMG Pattern Using Statistical And Fuzzy Techniques͟”  with ISSN Number 2230-9543.
  • Published in International Journal on Electronics & Communication Technology on “Human Computer Interface Using Independent Component Analysis And Artificial Neural Networks͟” with ISSN Number 2230-9543.
  • Published in International Journal on Electronics & Communication Technology on “Performance Comparison Of Iris Recognition System͟” with ISSN Number 2230-9543

Papers Presented Conferences:

  • Presented a paper titled ͞Highly secure cellular mobile network in Wireless Network using Detection of Fraudulent͟ at International Conference on MEMs and Optoelectronics Technologies (ICMOT-10), Organized by IACQER Council and Swarnandra College of Engineering and Technology, Narsapur, W.G.Dist., A.P., ICMOT10, Proceeding Page No. 256
  • Presented a paper titled ͞Hand Gesture Identification Using Surface Electromyograms for Human Computer Interface Using Fuzzy Logic͟ at International Conference on MEMs and Optoelectronics Technologies (ICMOT- 10), Organized by IACQER Council and Swarnandra College of Engineering and Technology, Narsapur, W.G.Dist., A.P., ICMOT-10, Proceeding Page No. 128.
  • Poster Presentation titled ͞Telephone Interfacing Using Surface Electromyograms͟ at International Conference on MEMs and Optoelectronics Technologies (ICMOT-10), Organized by IACQER Council and Swarnandra College of Engineering and Technology, Narsapur, W.G.Dist., A.P., ICMOT-10, Proceeding Page No. 299.

Conferences & Workshops Organized:

  • Organized National Workshop Vydushya-07
  • Organized National Workshop Vydushya-09.
  • Organized International Conference ICACCBIE-2011
  • Organized International Conference RSPS-2012
  • Organized International Conference IEEE ICARET-2012
  • Organized International Conference ICRTETS-2013.
  • Organized International Conference ICRTETS-2014.
  • Organized International Conference IEEE ICAETR-2014.
  • Organized International Conference ACM ICRRCCI-2015.
  • Organized International Conference IEEE RAINS 2016.
  • Organized International Conference IEEE HMI 2016.
  • Organized International Conference ASISA 2016.
  • Organized International Conference CMS 2016



Prof. (DR) Ram Sagar tiwari

Dean Academics 


Teaching Experience: 22+ Years

Research Experience: 6 years

Area of Specialization: Solid State Physics (Amorphous Semi Conductor )

Papers Presentation :

  • Glass Transition kinetics of some Se-Te-Ag Chalcogenide glasses ,Journal of thermal Analysis & Calorimetry 82(2005  45)
  • Thermal Characterization of Some Se-Ge-In Chalcogenide Glasses using Calorimetric Measurements,Phys.Chem.of Glasses 46 (2005) 233
  • Glass forming ability and thermal stability of some Se-Sb glassy alloys ,Material Research Bulletin,41 (9) (2006) 1664-1672
  • and many more…..

Research papers :

    • Glass Transition kinetics of some Se-Te-Ag chalcogenide glasses. presented in third “national conference on Thermophysical  Properties” held at Goa University ,Goa during Jan19,20,2005
    • Calorimetic studies of glass transition in some Se-Te-Sb glassy alloys:Effects of Sb addition. Presented  in 15th “National Symposium on Thermal Analysis” held on Feb 2006,at University of Rajasthan,Jaipur,India
    • Specific heat studies in glassy Se78Ge22 and Se68Ge22M10 ( M=Cd,In,Pb) Alloys R.S.Tiwari, N.Mehta, R.K.Shukla, P. Agrawal & A.Kumar Ind J.Pure & App. Phys.43 (2005) 363 
    • Kinetic parameters of glass transition in Glassy Se100-xSbx alloys R.S. Tiwari,N,Mehta,R.K.Shukla & A.Kumar Turkish Journal of Physics 29 (2005), 233
    • Thermal Characterization of some Se-Ge-In Chalcogenide Glasses Using Calorimetric Measurements.                R.S. Tiwari,N,Mehta,R.K.Shukla & A.Kumar Phys. Chem of Glasses 46 (2005) 595 
    • Investigation of antimony addition on the glass transition kinetics of Se80-xTe20-xSbx using calorimetric measurements R.S. Tiwari,N,Mehta,R.K.Shukla & A.Kumar  Indian Journal of Physics 80(1) (2006),49
    • Glass forming ability and thermal stability of some Se-Sb glassy alloys N.Mehta,R.S. Tiwari  & A. Kumar Material Research Bulletin ,41 (9) (2006) 1664-1672
    • Glass Transition Kinetics in a-Se100-x Inx R.S. Tiwari,N,Mehta,P.Agarwal  & A.Kumar  J. Adv.  Mater  13(4) (2006) 53-59
    • Effect of Bi incorporation on the Crystallization Kinetics of ( Se80Ge20)100-xBix system  R.S. Tiwari,N,Mehta  & A.Kumar  Chinese J. of Physics 44(6) (2006) 467-477
  • and many more…..



Prof.(DR) R.N. Tyagi 

Chief Proctor

Department : Civil Engineering

Experience : 18+ Years

Area of specialization : Environmental Science

Qualification: MSc.,PhD.

Academic Collaboration

VSGOI has entered into academic collaboration with leading institutions and organizations to achieve the following objectives:

  • Bilateral exchanges of students, faculty members and research personnel.
  • Exchange of academic materials like database, courseware and sharing of library Resources.
  • Sponsoring and conducting joint conferences, training programs, FDPs, MDPs, EDPs,
  • Seminars, cultural programs and other academic activities.
  • Research collaboration in the areas of mutual interest.
  • Knowledge sharing in the sphere of common interest.

Small Industries Service Institute (SISI), Govt. of India, Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), New Delhi, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Govt. of Japan, National Institute for Applied Management, New Delhi, ICFAI, Hyderabad, National Institute of Personnel Management, Calcutta,HBTI, Association of Indian Management Schools( AIMS), All India Management Association (AIMA), National Productivity Council, Central Board for Workers’ Education, Indian Railways,Kanpur Productivity Council (KPC).

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