Tapping into the years of experience and accumulated knowledge base, VSGOI has evolved a model that has a character of its own and is designed to add an extra dimension to the student’s personality and give them the competitive edge. The strength of VSGOI model lies in bringing its ability to deliver study programs that understand the need of students in the Indian context without losing the sight of global trends and relevance.


  • Teachers / Instructors as knowledge facilitators
  • Strategic knowledge of the subject matter
  • Unbound, innovative, instructional approaches
  • Two-way learning style & Self-directed learning
  • Focus: ¬†what is, what can be ?
  • High academic performance standards guided and monitored by instructors
  • Flexible student evaluation scheme
  • ¬†Premium upon application of information
  • Recognition of experimental learning
  • Promotes innovative thinking
  • Flexible curricula tailored to student learning and scheduling needs while maintaining high academic quality
  • Allows for use of phased texts and programs, thus permitting each student to progress at his / her pace.

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